Why Coffee Enemas?

What are the Benefits of Coffee Enemas?


There are many ways to cleanse and detoxify one’s system, and enemas are a central way to clear the colon of parasites, candida overgrowth and other hindrances. Enemas have been used throughout history in ancient Egypt, Sumeria, Babylonia, India, Greece and China and have been deemed one of the oldest medical procedures still use today. In pre-revolutionary France, it was common to take an enema after dinner for the sake of maintaining health and a clear complexion. King Louis XIV was noted to have taken several thousand in his lifetime. There are few regions of the world that did not implement the use of enemas and has been essential in many cultures- today, making a come back as people are starting to see the health benefits of including enemas into their daily routines.

So what does coffee have to do with it? Organic gold roast coffee enemas offer components and benefits other cleansing methods do not that can drastically improve one’s health and overall sense of wellbeing. The primary benefits specific to the organic coffee enema are highlighted below:

1. Cleansing of Systemic Toxins

  • Utilizing OCEs has been estimated to rid the body of systemic toxins, increasing the production of a powerful detoxifying enzyme called glutathione S-transferase or GST. GST works within the liver to attack toxins and flush them out. A study done by the National Research Council found that coffee enemas increase GST in the liver by nearly 600% in test mice. This not only aids in the cleansing of toxins in the large intestine, but throughout our cells and the entire body. GST attacks the toxic agents in pesticides, carcinogens and other environmental toxins.

  • Regular coffee enemas will keep the large intestinal walls clean and free of toxic build-up from poor digestion, fermented sugars or rotten proteins. Coffee enemas serve as a colon astringent, removing a layer of the naturally shedding colon wall and further removing topical toxins. Hundreds of diseases have been associated with a toxic colon.

  • Blood passes through the entire body every 3 minutes. Each time it passes through the liver and colon, the organic coffee solution cleanses the blood as well, much like natural dialysis.

  • Caffeine helps to stimulate beneficial bile production from the liver. Bile is a key component in breaking down dietary fats and assisting the liver with toxin removal.

2. Benefit and Repair the Liver
  • Injecting organic coffee straight into the large intestines via enema creates a direct pathway to the liver. As the liver interacts with the coffee solution, toxins are cleared and the liver is no longer overwhelmed by the high levels of stored toxins. The liver is then able to repair any damage done from these toxins and can function properly. No other process or herbal remedy may benefit the liver as directly and immediately as a coffee enema.

  • Note: Drinking coffee does not have the same effect as it must then be processed through the digestive system and stomach acids destroy the healing properties.

3. Pain Relief

  • Coffee enemas have been reported to stimulate pain relief in people. Dr. Max Gerson, of The Gerson Institute, found in treating cancer patients that pain relief was an extremely beneficial side-effect of implementation.  In a study done by Dr. Peter Lechner, coffee enemas were taken twice daily by cancers patients with varying degrees of pain resulting in extreme reduction of need for pain medication. Most of the patients in the study were able to cut down on as much as 71% of their pain medication as a result of the daily enemas.  

  • Many people using coffee enemas experience instantaneous relief from headache, back pain and stomach discomfort. They are reported to help with menstrual cramping as well.

4. Mood Improvement and Mental Clarity

  • The cleansing effect resulting from most enemas creates as sense of wellbeing and mental clarity, however the coffee enema’s levels of both mood improvment and clarity are heightened due to the stimulant nature of caffeine and extreme detoxifying properties. Many people who have experienced degrees of depression see large improvements while take regular coffee enemas. This has been attributed to the cleansing of toxins, increased energy levels and literal balancing and flushing of the system.

  • People with anxiety have reported feeling calm as a result of taking coffee enemas as it works through two important parasympathetic organs, the colon and the liver, to relax the sympathetic nervous system. Individuals taking them experience a euphoric state of mind because of it.

5. Candida Cleansing

  • Regular flushing and cleansing of the colon can clear it of candida or yeast build up. In more recent years, physicians and practitioners have related many symptoms of illness to candida build-up in the body including extreme fatigue, impotence, gas, bloating, heartburn and acne. Candida overgrowth will knock the entire body system out of balance creating many undesirable effects.

6. Weight Loss

  • Enemas with caffeine stimulants like the ones in coffee help to increase healthy digestive functioning and speed up over-all metabolism. Coffee enemas in particular help with peristalsis which is the contraction of intestinal muscles that help move food through the digestive tract. Coffee enemas also help to reduce bloating.