How the liver benefits from coffee enemas

There are so many benefits to a coffee enema, but today let's discuss a primary one. Dr. Max Gerson implemented the coffee enema into his widely revered natural cancer treatment regime not so much for the colon-cleansing proponents, the pain relief or added energy. Dr. Gerson used the organic coffee enema for the effect coffee enemas have on the liver. And who doesn’t want a thriving, happy liver?

There are more than 500 vital functions that have been associated to the liver! The liver is our prime detoxifying center in the body, and in today’s highly toxic world, the ability to expel poisons, carcinogens, chemicals and other illness-provoking agents is beyond valuable. At any point in time the liver holds 13% of our body’s blood supply, cleansing our blood, separating the good from the bad for more absorption-friendly processing. Components of everything we consume pass through the liver, which serves as sort of firewall or filter to allow only the good things to remain inside. Any red flags found by the liver are carried our via bile or the blood. Toxins in bile are carried out through the colon while toxins in the blood are expelled through the kidneys and then through our urine.

How does the Organic Coffee Enema Help the Liver?

The organic coffee enema helps the liver in two primary ways:

  1. Aid in the purification of the blood
  2. Assist the liver in new production of bile, preventing reabsorption of old, toxic bile.

 Blood Purification

Coffee contains a beneficial acid called palmitic acid. Palmitic acid when introduced to the liver activates our system’s most powerful detoxifying enzymeglutathione s-transferase (GST). GST captures carcinogens and metabolizes toxic elements in drugs and pesticides. Studies have show in mammals that coffee can increase GST by 600%. This is how the blood is purified, and toxins are captured and carried out.

Bile Flow

Studies have shown that within minutes of receiving a coffee enema, bile flow increased. As the liver is stimulated through the portal vein by the enema, it produces more bile which as mentioned before, assists in the elimination of waste. It also helps the body appropriately break down fats, aiding in better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Some sources report that an organic coffee enema may assist the body in expelling used bile instead of recycling it. Our bodies, being balanced and resourceful as they are, have a tendency to recycle where possible. Using recycled bile can cause reabsorption of old toxic elements, so the production of new bile and the expulsion of used is very important. 


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